Social Media and Instagram Stories

Instagram post, and my personal favorite Instagram stories, are challenging to use effectively but are a powerhouse for marketing. I have a personal passion for exceptional and over the top Instagram stories.  Let's up your game!

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a new and highly effective form of media.  It forces your content in front of your viewers/followers, bypasses the challenges of Instagrams algorithm and allows a more streamlined approach.  I use them for my personal marketing, and have loved the progress.

Company Promo

Companies are realizing the power of video and social media more and more.  Often times bringing me on board to up their social media through video.  Short promo's showing their work, highlight videos of an event, or a more planned out story.

Instagram Posts

I have a passion for video, telling stories, and most of all... capturing memories.  Not all my work is paid.  Sometimes I just want to capture the joy and love of my dear friends, a trip, or beautiful location.