My favorite projects always have a passionate and compelling story.  Non-profits often are making radical impacts on the world, and helping people in a remarkable way.  Telling their stories is always a special process.

Young Life, Edina

Young Life is about meeting high schoolers where they are, joining them in this crazy life and pointing them to Christ. Leaders are there to be true friends to these kids, earn the right to be heard, and hopefully tell them more about Jesus Christ.

Water Walkers - Nashville, TN

Water Walkers flew me out to Nashville to help produce a highlight video of all they do. A unique ministry that takes inner city youth out on the lake, teaches them about being a man, and lets them let loose on tubes and wake surfing.

The Outpost Center, Minnesota

The Outpost Center is a facility that proclaims Christ in all they do.  Working to give people a place to hold small groups, conferences, a place of renewal, and even weddings.  They do great work, and they are only just beginning their mission.